A look at the New York Giants’ fill-in-the-blanks Rookie Workbook

We’ve been fortunate to come into possession of an interesting document: a cheaply made, fill-in-the-blanks worksheet handed out to players during the league-mandated orientation seminar known as “Rookie Transition.” We actually have a lot of materials from that process, & we’ll publish them here over the next few weeks. But for now, let’s take a look at this ridiculous, color-copied worksheet (called a ‘coloring book’ internally) and play the quiz the Giants assign their rookies for ourselves.

We’ll type out the individual questions because in some cases they’re barely visible due to how slapped together this document is. Note that anything that looks awful is not a result of the scanning process; I assure you, it looks that bad on paper as well. All errors [sic].

Founded in [1.], the New York Football Giants was purchased for $500 by Tim Mara giving the National Football League a vital showcase in the nation’s largest city.

The New York Giants were one of five teams introduced to the NFL in 1925. Of the five teams the Giants were the [2.] team to survive into the modern era.

The New York Giants are [3.] time division champions and [4.] time conference champions.

Including the Pre-Super Bowl era the Giants are the 3rd most winningest franchise in NFL history with [5.] NFL championships.

The Giants currently have the [6.] highest number of Hall of fame inductees in NFL history with 21.

[7.], a New York Giants Hall of Famer was also the first African American to be hired to a front office position as a scout.

Who is the most recent Hall of fame inductee for the New York Football Giants? [8.]

During the 1930s Tim handed down control of the New York Giants to his sons [9.] 22, and Wellington, 14.

Wellington Mara worked his way from shining shoes, running errands, to overseeing personnel by scouting and overseeing draft selections. In 1965 when Jack died Wellington became the [10.] of the franchise.

In the early 1960s, Wellington Mara was influential in shaping the NFL national television deal providing for shared revenue. Wellington argued that the NFL is only as strong as its [11.], suggesting that teams that low to mid market teams should receive as much money as any of the other teams.

2005 Wellington Mara moved into football heaven leaving his elder son [12.] to reside as President and CEO of the beloved franchise.

Robert Tisch purchased [13.] of the Giants in 1991.

[14.], Co-owner, Chairman & Executive Vice President of the NYG.

Jonathan Tisch, [15.] of the NYG. Chairman of Loews Hotels and co-chairman to Loews Corporation.

Steve Tisch is also an accomplished [16.].

Everyone from the owner to the janitor is to be treated with [17.]. “Behave in a manner that your [18.] would be proud of.”

Once a [19.], Always a [20.].

One of five NFL franchises introduced in 1925 but the [21.] team to survive into the modern era.

Attention to [22.], a relentless effort and willingness to sacrifice for the common goal.

[23.]—Through our character, conduct, and performance, we set the standard for others to follow.

Be [24.] to upholding a superior standard amongst our peers and rightly represent the New York Football Giants.

Have the personal [25.] to give nothing less than 100% to excel at your job.

Have an individual investment in the welfare of the New York Giant [26.], which extends to the organization, fans and local community.

[27.]—Recognize that your individual actions always directly impact everyone.

Division, Conference, and [28.] Championships belong with the New York City Football Giants

The only city in the United States that has [29.] sports teams in every major sport.

The New York City market naturally increases [30.], [31.], and creates [32.] for immeasurable success

[33.] capital of the United States

A city that represents [34.] and opportunity


1. 1925
2. only
3. 16
4. 8
5. 8
6. 4th
7. Rosey Brown
8. Michael Strahan
9. Jack
10. President
11. Weakest link
12. John
13. 50%
14. Steve Tisch
15. President
16. Hollywood producer
17. Respect
18. Mother
19. Giant
20. Giant
21. only
22. Detail
23. Leadership
24. Committed (or accountable)
25. Pride
26. Community
27. Accountability
28. Super Bowl
29. two
30, 31, 32. (not provided)
33. Financial
34. Freedom

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