“I Have No Voice, And I Must Scream”

North Florida forests don’t look like the forests you’re used to, forests that grew organically, thick with brush and different flora organisms of different ages, different heights, the haphazard arrangement that lends itself to metaphors. North Florida forests are planned, tightly aligned rows of Pinus elliottii, the slash pine, trees that eventually become Georgia-Pacific paper products.

Ryan Adams is not from North Florida, but his musical aesthetic is similar to that of our native son Tom Petty, and thus Adams’ music is well-suited for a drive through paper tree plantation land. The convertible top down, speeding past trees whose alignment allows you to occasionally see straight through to the prisons or schools or farmhouses miles in the distance, Adams singing:

…I ain’t ready to go. I’m never ready to go. Let it ride…

I open my voice to sing along. Nothing comes out.

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Author: bubbaprog

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