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Welcome to everyone who read the article by Erik Malinowski in the October issue of Wired. Here’s a brief rundown of the site & how everything works.

Mocksession consists of three sites: Mocksession.com (the site you’re on now), 30fps, and GIFULMINATION.

30fps is our screencap project, and GIFULMINATION is the animated .GIF project. Those are updated several times every day. I URGE YOU TO GO VISIT THEM NOW. Mocksession.com’s video and editorial content is currently being hosted by my employer, SportsGrid, so I recommend you head over there to see the work I’m doing too.

EDIT: I am now Video/Assignment Editor at Deadspin. See my work here.

To contact me with questions or about advertising opportunities, email me. For every update to every site, follow me on Twitter at @bubbaprog. The Mocksession Network will generate more than 1 million pageviews in September, so there’s a lot of value to be had here.

Here’s some work typical of what I do to start you off:

MOCKSESSION VIDEO: “LOOSE BALL FOUL” starring Ronnie Brewer & Anthony Carter

Notes on: A regrettable weekend in deceptive advertising


Notes on: “N-C-A-A may as well be S-C-A-M”

Nonverbal Communication At the Frozen Four

And thanks for checking out Mocksession!


Author: bubbaprog

The man behind Mocksession since 1999. Formerly of Deadspin and The Daily Beast.