Junior Worlds: Canada vs Russia

@thesilencekid: One more cut to Stephen Harper at 24 Sussex Drive and TSN can go entertain a bag of dicks.

@nigelpkay: 2-0 Canada! Please, no more shots of Stephen Harper celebrating. It’s like a robot dance by a real robot!

@bubbaprog Canada agrees: BUD LIGHT IS #1!!!

@thekidcanada To the guy in theCanada jersey on TV drinking a Bud Light – your citizenship is revoked.

@eNastee: I swear Canada was winning 3-0 like 20 mins ago, now the hockey game tied 3-3 #LOL ..Russia coming fo’ dat ass!

@andy55512000: holy shit Russia took the lead. Canada in full meltdown mode now.

@RandomlyJen: No longer curious what excited Russians look and sound like. Iblame Harper. More beer!

@ScottAWolfeOWP: Canadian Jr hockey team has now lost gold medal match two years in a row. I blame Stephen Harper’s distracting piano solos.

@FM96BURKE: Dear Russian Player missing a front tooth, don’t throw your face at the camera or I’ma hop on a plane and get rid of the other front tooth.

@Rialsyrc: Those teeth….OMG those scary teeth!!! When they yell in Russian at me through the TV, it scares the living shit out of me.

@david_miller11: Hide the women & children if you are watching Russia’s WJC celebration. A lot of hideous Russian’s screaming in the camera. Very scary stuff

@adamwagner: hoardes of teenagers yelling at the camera in russian while celebrating. what’s hilarious now would have been scary 50 years ago.

@claytonimoo#28 for Russia is pretty darn scary looking. Thought he was going to eat the camera. Are these guys swearing in Russian?

Author: bubbaprog

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