Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs Arkansas

@1KellyMills: Dear Arkansas fan holding the sign, Quick grammar lesson… It’s not crush “Buckeye’s with Mallett” it’s “Buckeyes with Mallett”

@bubbaprog: One sign features an incomprehensible #grammarfail and the other looks like an application to the Art Instruction School.

@travisreier: Excellent sign placement above Herbie’s right shoulder by the UA fan on the Sugar Bowl pregame.

@CameronNewton: Why do I see a “roll tide” sign in Glendale?

@WPLOWRY: I want to meet & thank the great individual holding the Roll Tide sign behind the ESPN set in Glendale. He gets it.

@evo_kelly: Hahaha. Idiot with the “roll tide” sign in the background in Scottsdale makes me laugh.

@FBtailgate no kidding! Another one was the Roll Tide sign behind Herbstreit during the pre game. That guy may have just been confused


Beccadawg123: Men who stare at goats? I thought this would be a picture of Tressel talking to Holly Rowe

@bubbaprog: Pretty much every Buckeye fan stereotype is visible here.

@Jerkwheatery: hole the size of a Kardashian there

@BLeez17: Boom Herron is hung more than Khloe Kardashian

@vanceordie Land on your back Chekwa not your wrist


@BoBachel: look at Tressel getting so pissed. I no longer care who wins this game.

@EddieRybarski: Sign in crowd at #SugarBowl : “We love #ESPN cameramen!” Fan Translation: We care more about being on TV than anything going on in the game!

@margie324: the lady with the ESPNcameramen is a total coug lookin for a cub

@mandarail: Wow, someone took the time to make a “We <3 ESPN cameramen” sign for the Sugar Bowl.. What happened to clever ESPN acronyms??

@bubbaprog: In the city of beignets, the muffin top is king

@davidbmcintosh: Jim Tressel’s chest bump with Terrelle Pryor was really cool and athletic. #thingsillneversay

@sbnation: Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor executed a flying chest bump. Yes, it was an amazing as it sounds.


@edsbs I blame the drops on tasty creole butter consumed pregame.

@bubbaprog: I’m not sure what’s funnier: that he has a 10-year-old cell phone or that it’s covered in Ohio State stickers

@libbycrews: He’s a good 25-30 years too old to be wearing facepaint and the silver and that wig.

@zzgator:  …or that the wig, facepaint and behemoth buckeyenecklaces are passe.

@bubbaprog: Sir, they aren’t going to let you into the game until the spikes are removed from your shoulder pads

@margie324: Nice. Just saw Aaron Appell aka dong appellton on tv


<Counter Trap> Lech Walesa is not pleased.

@bubbaprog: This couple and their two children won an all-expense paid trip to Europe, so they went to the French Quarter.

@bubbaprog: (Alternate joke: the birds in Arkansas all died due to being flung out of a slingshot at these two people.)

@stefanielaine: Big Ben! Parliament!

@thesportsgeeks: “You want to wear matching pig costumes to the Sugar Bowl?” “Sure, sounds great.”

@Brendanukkah: Once they showed those Arkansas fans in those pig costumes, I figured we couldn’t lose. Not to those people.

@Vandalute:WHy do I hear Banjo music playing in the background

@LipLinebackers: Cue Sad shots of Arkansas Fans. It’ll be a long ride back in that RV to Little Rock.

@Snowball2127: Arkansaw yall suck just messed it up 4 da sec yall need 2 go 2 da big 12 its ok auburn got dis war eagle baby waitin 4 monday

@ultigamer101: just got done watching arkansaw loose:(:(:(

Get your Brother P-Touch labeled shit out of my face, bro.

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