Orange Bowl: Stanford vs Virginia Tech

@TheSportsHernia: I’m pretty sure I just saw a goldfish swimming in one of Lou Holtz’s lenses. #ESPN

@bubbaprog: Jim Harbaugh is flashing us a massive trollface. HE KNOWS SOMETHING

@CaptainAnnoying: Harbaugh seems like the kind of guy who’d announce “I’m going to the 49ers” from the podium in his postgame victory speech

@kidchamp: nothing like watching a nationally televised game and hearing the stanford band play “date rape” in the background.

@bubbaprog: “Do I have a chance at landing Harbaugh as my head coach? Neigh!”

@bubbaprog: Having conquered Orlando (and, apparently, Michigan State) the Capital One vikings headed south to invade Miami

@RickMuscles: Looks like a poodle is trying to escape out the back of Marecic’s helmet.



@edsbs: Tyrod Taylor’s ass is full of touchdowns, and he will not hesitate to pull one out at any moment.

@CaptainAnnoying I want to take Tyrod Taylor’s TD throw out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

@edsbs: Jim Harbaugh seems like the kind of guy who gets into random fights at Subway.

@vandalute: I SAID MORE MUSTARD YOU DUMB *&*! – JimHarbaugh

@lincolnboehm: Jim Harbaugh seems like the kind of guy who would get along well with Charlie Sheen

@HS_BHGP: Jim Harbaugh seems like the kind of guy who would loudly demand an upgrade at Hertz.

@Nastinchka VT”s cheerleading unis: IMMACULATELY ENGINEERED

@Coconut1Baby0: vt tech cheerleaders need to cover up


@Dynamo_Diva: The CEO of Discover looks like an older version of the Cragislist Killer. Like if you don’t pay your bill he’s gonna take off your eyelids.

@bubbaprog: Obie knows: NEVER TRUST A GINGER. (Always call ahead to see if they accept Discover.)

@ourhonordefend It’s nice that Kenneth from 30 Rock found a new career as Discover’s CEO.

@joshinnes610: I dont know if thats the CEO of Discover or Molly Ringwald from season 1 of “The Facts of Life”

@shiz_maldonado: Was that the CEO of Discover or Dauber from Coach?

@shermanjon: Is it me or is the Discover Card CEO’s hair as off-putting as his card is to most retailers?

@_BlakeEddins: Inspiring to see Roy Munson persevered through the tough times that followed his freak bowling accident to become CEO of Discover.

@DouglasAngle: Smarty’s Like A Track Star… Smarty’s Like A Track Star

@edsbs: As a good luck charm the Stanford assistant who faceplanted should do that on every drive.

@jacob9008: Man ya’ll see that stanford coach fall when dat nigga caught that ball!? Smh.

@chrislittmann: And let the tweets about Tyrod Taylor’s mom being asleep start … now.

@StephanieBengal: She’ll be awake for the draft

@JasonMarlo: Tyrod Taylor’s mom isn’t sleeping, she’s doing an impression of the#Hokies 2nd half defense

@willcabaniss: Someone wake Tyrod Taylor’s mom up so she can watch Andrew Luck rip out her son’s heart.

@SpreadHDGFX: Tree fense? Nice pun there Stanford… you’re witty.

@Bobby_BigWheel: UVA Students’ Reach School is killing UVA Students’ Safety School in the Orange Bowl.

@DrSaturday: Harbaugh visibly terrified of the pending Gatorade bath. They’re just taking you for a ride, coach.

@TheRobMorse@andyhutchins @bubbaprog When they showed Harbaugh throwing the oranges on SC, check out #29 bro. He REALLY wants one.

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