Rams vs Seahawks

@Wufpackin: maybe sam bradford should spend sum $$ on a good haircut….#justsayin’

@bubbaprog: I think *I* know what Bradford’s “first big purchase” was. Hint: it’s measured in ounces

@miklasz: I’m thinking it’s probably not a good early sign when your defense turns C. Whitehurst into Joe Montana. But that’s just me.

@sethmeyers21: I’m henceforth referring to this game as the “Dinner for Schmucks” Bowl.

@brookbristow: Isn’t Charlie Whitehurst the guy from the Avett Brothers?

@wingoz: seahawks seem on pace to set the record for most passes deflected at the line of scrimmage in 1 game

@Bobby_BigWheel: I like how Collinsworth called this a play-in game; it’s just like Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Coppin State.

@shalimar206: Charlie Whitehurst has a striking resemblance to Rafi from “The League”

@darrenrovell: Seawhawks owner Paul Allen looks like Rick Moranis when he realized he shrunk the kids

@FrankAlvarez: A perfectly thrown ball going through a receiver’s hands… is there a better metaphor for this game?

@bubbaprog: Can switching to Geico save you 15% or more on car insurance? Was eating this vegan burrito before the game a BAD IDEA?

@sethmeyers21: Guessing Saints are watching this game thinking, “No matter the outcome, we probably don’t have to start practicing until Friday.”

@townie813: Pete Carroll even tries to weasel his way out of a timeout.

@cdbarker: Rams can take comfort in knowing 5 years from now, Seattle will have to forfeit all these wins and give back the Heisman

Author: bubbaprog

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