Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs Michigan

Sad cheerleader is sad.

@CBSSportsNCAAF: You know that scene in Matrix when Neo figures out he can do anything he wants? Every team has that moment against Mich.

@tyduffy I havent spent this much time in the fetal position since I was in Utero #michiganfootball

@RedCupRebellion: If I were as bad at my job as Greg Robinson is at his, I’d be beaten in public.

@amandarykoff “And this Michigan defense is just getting shredded again.” #firegregrobinson

@kensing45: The *beep* you hear is Michigan backing up a Brinks truck in Jim Harbaugh’s driveway

@TomFornelli Only 30 minutes left of RichRod’s coaching career at Michigan.

I see some very… similar… looking people there.

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