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NBC will post highlights and recap videos to Facebook and Instagram, including a two minute recap video for each day on Facebook and a slow motion, inspiring video each day on Instagram. Through partnerships with 20 other official broadcasters, Facebook will provide live programming via Facebook Live and even more video highlights of the events. Facebook Live also will feature exclusive interviews with athletes and other behind the scenes content. Facebook is apparently paying some athletes, including swimmer Michael Phelps, to use Facebook Live throughout the Olympics. The IOC will build a chatbot on Messenger that users can interact with to receive cheap oakleys live updates, among other things. Instagram will host several channels dedicated to the Olympics within the Search and Explore section. Content posted on Facebook and Instagram will be incorporated regularly into NBC TV coverage. An open camera feature, a la Snapchat, will allow users to post pictures with filters, stickers, and frames and will be incorporated into the News Feed. This feature, located atop the News Feed, will only be available to users in Brazil and Canada. Here’s what Snapchat is offering:Recently, quarterback Alex Smith was fined for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat at a post game press conference. Smith broke a league rule stating that players cannot wear non NFL sponsored team gear until 90 minutes after the end of a game. The rule specifies competing leagues so, wholesale nfl jerseys as Smith pointed out, he could have worn other brand logos and not have been fined. It is easy enough to put take off a hat, but what about a tattoo? I am sure there are plenty of tattoos on NFL players that express messages or even represent leagues that are not sponsored by the league. Should players cover up their offending tattoos until 90 minutes after the game?The top paid players in Europe’s other major leagues cheap jordan include Real Madrid’s galacticos, each on 84,600 per week. The best paid player in Germany is Bayern Munich’s Oliver Kahn, on 76,900, and the best paid player in Italy is Roma’s Francesco Totti, on 73,000. England’s financial muscle should become more obvious in the next four years as the Premier League’s new 1.7bn three year television deal kicks in from 2007 onwards. The leading English clubs can expect about 20m more income per season each from that alone, much of which will go in wages.On this day my partner was a local guide, Cheyenne Chaffee. We set our belay up high in a notch between Tent Peg and Super Pin with the plan being if I fell, Cheyenne would jump out of the notch down a 40 ft face vertical face below. Timed right, this would pull enough rope cheap nfl jerseys through cheap nfl jerseys the belay system that neither he nor I would cheap jerseys wholesale hit the ground. We don always climb that way.