@sportspickle: Paula Dean thinks the Rose Bowl is called “The Grandaddy of them Oil.”

@sarah_sprague: I would love to see Paula Deen’s wig take on Dolly Parton’s wig in a battle royale.

@Jason__Kirk: Paula Deen is the Rose Bowl Grand Marshal, meaning the SEC can claim this win too.

@Nastinchka Waiting for Paula Deen to just start winging bricks of cream cheese into the crowd.

Begin the Greenman apocalypse.

@Paulie_R COPS: Krispy Kreme.

@Nastinchka I know we rag on the uni changes, but TCU’s special-edition Rose Bowl getup is fetch as hell.

@joey_weaver Dude he looks so ghetteaux.

@WarriorBrad I live in Wisconsin – those girls don’t live in Wisconsin

@usfvoodoo5 Now THAT is a fat-ass punter. Southern Miss punter guy, you are not worthy.

@edsbs Timpani girl, you’re all right with me.

This woman is wearing her own mascot, dead, upon her head.  I could not do that. Bobcats are immortal.

Sir Mix-a-lot has been spotted at the Rose Bowl

@TOPolk: I’m pretty certain the Herbstreit just drew a sperm w/ the telestrator just now.

@navybirddog: That’s a touchback, yo

@LisaHorne Ummm OK TCU, that was redonk. Special teams coverage is outstanding, but the ball looked like it crossed the plane.

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