@edsbs Gruden. Dammit, I forgot we got Gruden. #THISGUY

@colinseiler Tirico & Gruden? What did we do to deserve this?


@jerkstoremike Interesting thing about the Outback Bowl: It’s entirely possible that both coaches could suffer heart attacks and die during the game.

@ramzyn Outback Bowl term hierarchy: Spice < This guy < Old school < Intangibles < That guy < Speed <Moxie

@worstfan Not gonna lie: Joe Pa’s sweater is fresh as hell.

@BurritoBrosShit Everything bad about the Gators has been exhibited in the first few minutes. Expect Muschamp to resign by halftime.

@Mark_Schlabach: So I can assume Steve Addazio hasn’t left for Temple yet?


@suss2hyphens Looks like Urban Meyer’s team was listening when he told them to put the ball in the end zone.

@sportsbroad Nice florida, <3 the derpiness of your offense

Way to block the view of a little girl, punk.

@theoscarwhiskey At one time the state trooper standing to JoePa’s left had a neck

@chrislittmann I wasn’t a wrestling guy, but I’m convinced that’s Paul Bearer or a distant relative.

@usfvoodoo5 The Gators have definitely improved since September, when that snap would have sailed 10 feet over Reed’s head.

Good God, what a shitty ass call

@thesportsgeeks You know that was a tough call because it caused Joe Pa to actually move.

The editor will miss this man, or at least making fun of him.

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