@slmandel: This Miami Ohio interim coach is giving the most fiery pregame speech in GoDaddy.com Bowl history. This guy’s intense.

@ryangravlee: Damn. That pre game speech from the Miami (O) coach has ME ready to go hit somebody!!! Wow

@GibranGBO513: I just tackled my daughter after the speech from Miami Ohio’s Coach! #sorrybabay daddy was hyped! Lol!

@IWilliams95: Hey that speech by the Miami (oh) interim coach was CRUNK lol

@SavvyLY: These MTSU boys play some dirty football!

@Nastinchka: zomg, the GoDaddy Bowl trophy was purchased in component parts at Big Lots. Tell me I’m wrong. YOU CAN’T BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE WATCHING.

@BenKj: please don’t tell me THAT was the godaddy.com bowl trophy. i could buy that at target for 10 bucks

@Hallandquinby: Godaddy trophy looks like it was made in my garage.

@chickenShackCT: That trophy for the Godaddy.com Bowl game has got to be the dumbest award ever. What school would want to put that in a trophy case?

@bubbaprog: Sad MTSU fan is <strike>sad</strike> despondent.

@miamihawktalk: We got our trophy, Coach Guidry.

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