@usfvoodoo5 Let’s all agree this Big East season never happened.

UConn’s dance team must have all overslept — they wore their night clothes to the football game!


@HS_BHGP Oh, that’s going to be a bad screencap of Randy Edsall.

@darryltalley: That OU cheerleader scared the shit out of me. She looks like Fred Gwynne with a blonde wig on.

@joehoward62 @bubbaprog @darryltalley That is called embracing diversity. Transvestites get to be cheerleaders at OU.

@bwilliamsPR: I would say LATER to those awful SOONER cheerleaders

one of these things is not like the other

We must maintain the BCS system because bowls are pure fun for friends and family.


“There are pot people, and there are cocaine people. I am not a cocaine person.” – Chuck Klosterman

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