@marcusRhill: Joe Biden is at the Delaware game and has not used profanity. I am 97% sure this is an imposter, a bodysnatcher.

@bubbaprog: Bad news, Toledo: ESPN has moved the entire university to Cheney, Washington.

@JasonPuckettKJR: These Delaware fans look homeless

Tekkers: There a meth lab around here I don’t know about?

@gbakermariners: In the stands the waning seconds of game,Delaware fan Joe Biden looked like he’d just found out Sarah Palin was elected mayor of Scranton.

@spensermac: Joe Biden is pissed that Delaware lost the national championship game to Eastern Washington. Colin Cowherd is ecstatic.

@carolcdt: An EWU fan had a sign that said “Our state’s bigger.” Aside from that being pretty lame, I was proud the apostrophe was correctly placed.

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