@bubbaprog: Will get in trouble for this, but I see LSU has failed to fix the revealing nature of its majorette uniforms http://30fram.es/ul #ungulate

@bubbaprog: Apparently this Texas A&M fan supports a return to silver-backed currency

@michael_parks: Anyone see the LSU player on the KO return get blocked in theback….by his own player? #cottonbowl #fail #fb

@bubbaprog: The agony, the ecstasy, and OH GOD WHY IS THAT FAN WEARINGA HELMET http://30fram.es/uq (I think it’s Ryan Perrilloux)

@lonnieJRhewitt: Judie snagged that int like it’s nothin haha

@CBSSportsNCAAF: Coryell Judie wants to be Cotton Bowl MVP.

@bubbaprog: Q. What’s Ryan Baker’s favorite metal band? A. Helmet

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