Steve Spurrier is 0-4 in bowl games as Gamecocks HEAD BALL COACH. But you don’t care about that.


@bubbaprog: What’s Joe Cox doing at the Peach Bowl?

Marcus Lattimore got lit up and knocked out early with an injury requiring “mouth sutures” and I really don’t want to think about it anymore so just watch:

@tyduffy: Lattimore just got left out to dry there…besides being unathletic, that hit is why I stopped football after 5th grade


@edsbs: Ron Franklin just said players were getting their “sores” taken care of at the GA Dome. Chick-Fil-A: delicious, and gives you leprosy.

@LisaHorne: WHO is the Special Teams Coach for Gamecocks? NOT so special.

There was, of course, a VERY excited ‘Cocks fan:

He was the only one.

@Adam_Jacobi: The SEC stands for Soverrated Eoverrated Coverrated.

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