@kendallio23: I think I’m scared for life. I turn on the TV, and there’s a giant duck using a shake weight.

@rollbamaroll: Auburn fan just proclaimed Oeregon “a bunch of gays” because the duck mascot has a shake weight. #keepitclassy

@Thefantasynerd: Question: What’s creepier than a kook in a giant duck suit? Answer: A kook in a giant duck suit with a shake-weight.

@nagrommit: The Oregon duck has a shake weight? Does Nike make snuggies?

@bubbaprog I venture to guess this woman loves her Ducks

@bubbaprog: Meanwhile Auburn fans love their… Taco Bell Border Sauce

@GeauxDucks: Advantage: Duck Fans

@Rain15sixty3: Auburn fan in blackface? “They still lynching niggqas in the south”

@the_millertimes: Man, white Auburn fan wearing blackface has been shown twice. Don’t know who’s more offensive – him or ESPN. #badchoice

@xmasape: Auburn’s blackface game is strong.

@Kevin_Noon: Where did ESPN find the talking beard of an Oregon fan for the bumper shots? That guy should be out panning for gold somewhere


@bubbaprog: Everyone’s commenting on this Oregon fan’s beard and not the fact his nose is pierced

@bubbaprog: If you eat him you get an extra life.

@thisisBUFF: These some weird lookin white ppl singn God Bless America…

@sgrinch5402: What was the point of the Auburn Tiger holding its tail during God Bless America?

@crunchysue#seriously? Moment of prayer? God Bless America? #WTF? Like the Auburn Tiger holding his tail out like a big dick through it all, though.

@_johndiaz_#Auburn Tiger holding tail during God Bless America is #douche

@bubbaprog: Odds Craig James was giving Chip Kelly a stinkpalm here? I say 100%

@AJGibbs: Not entirely true. He was asking Chip Kelly for a GA job for his son

@WesDBurke: Way to go Oregon girls…talking and laughing with the camera on you during the National Anthem. SMH. #norespect

@SamuelDeLaGetto: Oregon fans look like one of them weird Sprite commercials.

@bubbaprog: Shoulder pads went out of style in 1987, sweetheart

@illex: Its Deb from Napolean Dynamite

@IceKold32: are any of the oregon cheerleaders on twitter #FollowMe

@binkley_adam: Need to get 3D TV. Oregon Ducks cheerleaders in my living room #ultimatespankbank

@thebiglead: Oregon Lost, But Their Cheerleaders Remain Undefeated

@bubbaprog: Tyrod Taylor’s parents think Jackie Newton needs to calm down

@MeezyPFBlvd: Cam newton mama look like a freak….

@bubbaprog: Good to see Fab Five Freddy’s found work, even if it’s as a college mascot.

@bubbaprog: Eric Smith pisses me off. Or am I just knee-jerk reacting?

@ReppinRipCity: “Eric Smith shaken up on the kickoff return”… let’s hope someone dropped a knee on him and returned the favor. Poor baby.

@BoLatham: Nick Fairley eye gouging Lamichael James. This Auburn team is the most thug-filled team of all time. I hate everything about Auburn.

@cheriemorte: This Fairley guy is my new hero.

@JayDirt1560@darrenrovell The Ring Erin Andrews is wearing here is from the Mrs. Howell collection

@bubbaprog: Erin Andrews is wearing a mood ring. Purple = mood DERP

@EthanJaynes@darrenrovell: Erin Andrews’ purple ringis from the monolith from 2001 a Space Odyssey

@bubbaprog: This is not a typo. Malzahn has changed the spelling of his name to appeal to Florida’s Latino population.

@amgoblue: “In these tough times, Jim Rome will be bare-knuckle boxing drunk Irishmen for some spare cash to put groceries on the table”

@jimrome: I’m going to go with the fake punt being the Rome play, not the busted third down.

@White_Coco_AD: I know y’all saw that white Guy in the stand try to give a high five and they left him hanging

@DouglasAngle: Oregon To Do List: 1. Accessorize 2. Prioritize 3. Gameplan

@CrymesMOET: daaaamn they made that man cam neuton teeth chatter , lmao like the santa on friday after next ..

@Sal_Paradise1: I bet Casey Matthews rides a bitchin’ motorcycle.

@pat3537: Clay and Casey Matthews are going to be co-Bond villains in 20 years.

@mhblack: I can smell the Jim Beam from here.

@rgunslinger: Damn Nick Nolte is a Barner

@loweyekai: bitch ass ref set a fucking screen TF

@LaurenFTS: whats funnier? Either Im gonna have to hear people talk about how fye Cam Newton is, or an Oregon player picking his nose on national tv.

And then we have this.

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