@Lawncanine@AroundTheHorn What the hell is that dirt on your face!?!? I know you were sick, but at least jump in the shower!!

@sportsbroad@AroundTheHorn looks like he shouldn’t be allowedwithin 100 yards of a school

@fakegimel: At least he remembered the spray tan #orange

@rocky1951@bubbaprog @AroundTheHorn Looks like he may have been on aweekend bender?Just a guess.

@MichaelHadley3@bubbaprog …I shaved yesterday, and I have better facialhair than that.

@benmollie@AroundTheHorn Ah, has Stat Boy finally become Stat Man?#prepubescentnomore

@ComedianTheDA: Why does Tony look like he’s getting ready to audition to be one of Mario Brothers

Woody Paige brought Pizza Hut onto his ATH set. As if Pizza Hut wasn’t disgusting enough.

Then he ate it.

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